About Me

I first travelled to Arugam Bay in June 2014, for the summer surf season, and have since returned a handful of times and lived in “Abay”, on and off, for a year and a half during most months of the year.

I have realised that much of the information that can be found online about Arugam Bay is very often out of date. This website has been created to solve that problem and address the need for a constantly evolving, single source of current and valuable information for the independent traveller coming to Abay for the first time or returning for the fourth or fifth!

Things change quickly in Sri Lanka so if you see information that is out of date please let me know and I will change it. Also if you wish to see anything included on the site that isn’t already then please feel free to get in contact!

JOB OFFER: The Arugam Bay Traveller has an offer for any freelance photographers visiting the bay. Contact me at arugambaytraveller@gmail.com if you are interested in working with us. Thanks!