Weather and Climate

As there are already hundreds of weather websites that offer the same explanation of the Arugam Bay climate this page will serve as a more practical guide. Most people are really only interested in whether it will be sunny enough for sunbathing or cool enough to sleep without air-conditioning so this page will attempt to answer all your questions.

March, April, May, June, July, August and September

This is considered the dry season although heavy rain at any time for 1 or 2 days is always a possibility. If you are staying for a week or more you will welcome the rain at this time as a respite from the heat. If you take accommodation without air-conditioning you will need a good fan and natural ventilation. The wind increases in strength after July and provides some cooling during the day. March to June are the most uncomfortable months having very little breeze which leads to problems with small flies which many will find annoying. On the worst days you will only want to sit on the beach or under a fan.

February and October

These are the hardest months to forecast. It is possible to have a few weeks of rain, a month of sun or anything in between. The temperature is lower though so sleeping without ac is comfortable.

November, December and January

The rainy season is not a period of constant rain; while it can rain solidly for 2 or 3 days this is normally followed by a few days or even a week of sunshine. However, every year can be different; there is no standard, so it is possible to have 2 weeks of torrential rain and flooding. Understand though that this is unlikely, the latest trend for the last few years is that the rainy season is becoming less rainy; good news for tourists, bad news for farmers!

Weather Certainties

  1. It can rain at any time in Arugam Bay and often when you least expect it!
  2. Your weather forecast app will generally forecast rain every day of the year; 95% of the time you can ignore this. The locals will normally be able to offer you better advice.

If anyone has any disagreements or experiences they would like to share please feel free to leave your comments below.

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3 years ago

Hi it’s a great guide indeed, I am reading every article… it’s been many hours already, and at this article, I’m wondering it was so heavy rain, it was monsoon at that time, in negombo, when I visited in 2013, May, but in the same year July of course Arugam bay was dry. I’m wondering sri lanka is such a small island, the weather can be so different from the west to the east. .. And I am heading to arugam tomorrow by bus from trincomalee. I will avoid the surf lesson, as i did in 2013 my first vist, it is not so much difference as your article says about it even recently 😉 I’m not a surfer, I was a traveller and first heard of arugam bay just when I was travelling the whole sri Lanka, then I visited out of curiosity, and took a chance that alone surfers from Europe gave me a free short lesson. I wish this time second visit Arugam bay be also like that ‘sunny, friendly, fresh’ as I recall.. but I know it will never be like that, not because of the attack, but due to increasing touristz, being more commercialized…. just feel like the world is never gonna be safe again, and becoming just generally not good to travel. I just wrote this :{ hehe

4 years ago

What will be the temperature in arugambe 13 the to 18 April ? Can you bear the heat ?
Specially can small children can they manage ?

4 years ago

Hello, We are planning to head to Argum Bay on Tuesday for about a week. How is the weather at the moment?


4 years ago

PS greaat guide…

4 years ago

Hi there, were planning to come surfing from 21st Oct for a week or more…It sounds like you are THE guy to ask if the weather/conditions are looking OK….we’re intermediates looking for that wonderful sounding long wave!!!….are hotels and things going to be a bit alive? I’ve got images of us sitting huddled under makeshift plastic rain shields looking out into the gloom wishing we had gone to the south coast!!! ! Thx

5 years ago


We are planning to come to Arugam Bay mid of March for surfing. I was wondering if we can expect good surf and if there are spots that are suitable for beginners and advanced surfers.
I read one some pages that March is still “off-season” when it comes to restaurants, bars and guest houses. What is your opinion on that? Thanks so much for your Tipps and advices

5 years ago

Landing in Colombo tomorrow. Have no plans . . . how is November looking for Arugam Bay? Any surf this time you reckon this month? Thanks for any info . . . Adam

5 years ago

Hot & sunny, quiet & relaxing. Beautiful

5 years ago

Hi, I was planning to please head to A’bay this weekend. But now i’m skeptical about the weather and also travel conditions during to the rain. Some areas enroute comes under the landslide threat. Any updates/advise?

6 years ago

I spent a month in Arugam Bay a couple of years ago and I recognise most of the advice on this site as being good, accurate and thorough.

Well done, this is a great resource – please keep it up!