Overstay a Tourist Visit Visa in Sri Lanka

Official Policy

There is no official immigration policy documented in public to determine the action taken on anyone who overstays after their visa expiry date. However based on the personal experiences of persons who have tried to leave the country in this situation here are the possibilities of what will happen:

  • No action will be taken by the immigration official at the airport.
  • The official will issue a fine which includes the normal visa extension fee plus an extra charge.
  • Depending on the duration and reason of the overstay you will be “blacklisted” from applying online for a 30 Day Tourist Visit Visa in the future.


There are several private companies that provide visa services and will extend your visa using a courier service. The cost should not be too different to paying a fine at the airport. You will also have the security of knowing that you are not breaking any immigration rules which may risk your re-entry to the country at a later date.

If you are forced to overstay for a reason over which you have no control, e.g. passport or money stolen, illness; it is recommended to obtain a police report or note from the doctor to prove the situation to immigration.

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