Learning to Surf

Learn to Surf as a Beginner

Learning to surf is the reason thousands of beginner surfers come to Arugam Bay every year, especially during the surf season from May to October. It is an ideal place to learn, however the sheer number of people wanting the same thing is the biggest limitation.

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Know that surfing is becoming more and more dangerous in Arugam Bay every year due to large crowds of varying abilities in the water. It is not uncommon to see up to 70 people in the water at Main Point on a busy August afternoon session.

Surf Lessons

True story… I once saw a tuk tuk driver that I knew give a surf lesson to two girls at Elephant Rock. This tuk tuk driver could not even swim let alone surf! [read more…]

Board Rental

Board rental costs about 1000LKR per day but you should be able to negotiate down to 700LKR in low season or for a long term rental. [read more…]

Beginner Surf Spots

As a beginner it is better to learn among people who can already surf; you will “hopefully” learn good surf etiquette from more experienced surfers. [read more…]

Surf Schools

Arugam Bay is different to the south coast because here locals still run all of the surf schools. In general, you can expect a small amount of instruction on theory, safety and etiquette and more emphasis on having fun. [read more…]

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