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A selection of facts and stories which some may find interesting! Any contenders to the accuracy of these “facts” are greatly welcomed through the comments section on the relevant page.

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Arugam Bay is a very popular destination for many Sinhalese who travel from all over Sri Lanka to celebrate the Poya. You can expect lots of activity on the beach during the night and many more locals in town. [read more…]

Sinhalese or Tamil?

Many people arrive in Arugam Bay after already spending a week or two travelling around the island. Comfortable with having learned a few phrases they are ready to say ayubowan and istuti whenever they get the chance. [read more…]

Where is Ulla?

So what is Ulla? Ulla is the name of the town which has, in modern times, become known as Arugam Bay. Before tourism and surfing was popular here, Arugam Bay was the name given only to the actual beach. [read more…]

Who are the Pilgrims?

For those visiting Arugam Bay during June and July, it is a common sight to see many pilgrims walking north to south through the main street. [read more…]

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