South Coast to Arugam Bay by Bus


There is a direct bus from Matara to Kalmunai which stops in Pottuvil leaving daily at 11:50am. This should give you time to take an early bus from any south coast origin such as Hikkaduwa, Galle, Unawatuna, Mirissa or Weligama and arrive at Matara before it leaves. The bus travels through Tangalle so you can get on there but a seat may not be guaranteed. After arriving in Pottuvil take a tuk tuk to Arugam Bay or wait for a bus to Panama.


Duration and Cost

According to the comments below, the journey time is about seven hours from Matara to Pottuvil and it costs 350LKR.

Other Departures

If you want to leave Matara earlier or later you can take a more regular bus to Monaragala and then change on to the Panama bus which stops in Arugam Bay. See the page Colombo to Arugam Bay by Bus for more info on arriving by bus.

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11 months ago

Just on the trip and caught a bus from Matara to Siyambalanduwa, which is 20km away from Arugam. Will probably catch a Tuktuk from there 🤞🏻

11 months ago
Reply to  Steve

When do the bus leave?

11 months ago

Hey 🙂 are the seats fixed in this bus or is it a „regular“ bus?
Greetings Kilian

3 years ago

Hi John. Does the bus from Matara to Pottivil run at the same time on a Saturday, and a Sunday.

3 years ago

How much time is required to go from Matara to Arugam Bay?

3 years ago

Hi sorry if this has already been asked but can you take this bus trip in reverse? I was wanting to travel from arugum bay to hikkadawa and would love to not have to transfer from bus to bus if possible

3 years ago

This is an old post hut giving it a try — does buses still stop at Tangalle on the way to A’Bay? And from where in Tangalle, just on the road anywhere?

Would be grateful for any advice.

3 years ago

Hi, does the Matara to Pottuvil bus run every day including weekends? Thanks

5 years ago

Hi, I’m in arungambay now, and in a couple of day I would like to go to unawatuna , there is a direct bus from pottuvil? Thank you

5 years ago

Hi , we want to come from Galle to Arugam bay tomorrow (26th ) but have been told the weather is just as bad as Up there , can anyone advise
Plan is to get the bus from Galle to Marta and then get the 11.50 to kalmunai , any idea on rough costs , as we always end up paying over the odds on the local buses , so don’t want to do the big notes

5 years ago

Is there a direct bus from pottuvil to tangalle?
If so what time?

5 years ago

Do they let you have surfboards on the matara to kalmunai bus ?

5 years ago
Reply to  John

Even if there was room, I really wouldnt risk your board in that storage space.

5 years ago


Is the 11:50am bus from Matara bus stand to Pottuvil a special bus I need to locate or is it one of the normal Sri Lankan buses at the bus stand?


6 years ago

Hi there travelers, does Anybody know if you can take a surfboard on the bus?
Thanks in advance! 🙂

6 years ago
Reply to  Diederik

I was in Sri Lanka last year and there was no room on buses for surfboards. Not even room for bags! The driver sometimes let you put the bag next to him at the front.

Jan Philipp
4 years ago
Reply to  Diederik

Hi, small boards will go in the luggage compartement in the back, otherwise you might have to pay for extra seats.

6 years ago

Yesterday I made the trip from weligama to Matara. You take the bus from weligama bus station to Matara (1 hour 50LKR/person) and the bus from Matara to Kalmunai that stops in Pottuvil, so from Matara to Pottuvil it takes around 7 hours because it stops everywhere and the price is around 350lkr/person with the bagpack

6 years ago

Is this an a/c bus?

6 years ago

How long does the bus take from Matara to pottuvil?