Colombo-Akkaraipattu-Arugam Bay by Luxury Bus


There is a super luxury ac bus which leaves Colombo at 7.30pm and arrives at Akkaraipattu (50km north of Arugam Bay) at 4.15am. From there it is possible to take a local bus to Pottuvil or a tuk tuk to Arugam Bay for around 2500LKR. The return bus leaves Akkaraipattu at 8.15pm and arrives in Colombo at 4.15am.


The bus can be reserved at (opens in a new window). The price of a ticket as of February 2019 was 1100LKR.

Comfort Levels

Although it has air-conditioning and adjustable seats do not expect to sleep well as it is normal to play music or movies at high volume throughout the journey, even at night! The bus has storage available for luggage and surfboards if required.

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4 years ago

As of 27th January 2019 – Found their number on a forum & called them to get below information.

There is an A/C Super Luxury Bus operates between Colombo – Arugam Bay (~8 hour journey). You have to get town at Pottuvil town & take a tuk to reach Arugam Bay. The distance is ~5KM. (Tuk fare – LKR 300 to 500).

➡ Colombo to Pottuvil Town
➡ Departure: 07:30 PM
➡ Pickup Point: Near Ananda College – Maradana (
➡ Contact Number for reservation: +94-768-5411-37
➡ Bus Fare: LKR 1,100/=

⬅ Pottuvil Town to Colombo
⬅ Departure: 08:30 PM
⬅ Pickup Point: Pottuvil Town
⬅ Contact Number for reservation: +94-768-5411-39 (Keep an eye on the last digit – it’s 9)
⬅ Bus Fare: LKR 1,100/=

Hope this information would help someone. Make sure to call them & verify prior to commit.

Have a wonderful stay here in Sri Lanka ❤


4 years ago

Is this bus of higher quality than the Bismillah Lodge one?

5 years ago

Hi, It says above ther is a luxury bus from Colombo at 8pm. Is it the same as the one from Bismillah Hotel

3 years ago
Reply to  John

The bus from Bismillah lodge drops people in Pottuvil, turns around and goes north to Akaraipattu which is the last stop

5 years ago

We are booked onto this bus in 2 days time for our journey back to Colombo. Anyone know where the actual pick up point for the bus in Akkaraipattu?

5 years ago
Reply to  Annie

How was the journey? We need to do the same in a few days time. Trying to work out the best way!