How to Extend a Tourist Visit Visa in Sri Lanka

Extend from 30 Days to 3 Months

You can extend the 30 day visit visa by an extra two months at any time after arrival at the Immigration Office in Battaramulla, Colombo.

The official website is:

The visa extension forms can be downloaded here on the official website although it is not necessary to complete the forms prior to arrival. However, this is advised if you intend to be at the start of the queue before the office opens.

The cost depends on your nationality. See Schedule B on this page from the official website.

Documentation Required

It depends on the person who is dealing with you. For the two month extension you will be unlikely to require an onward flight ticket. Proving you have enough funds to support yourself can be done by showing an online bank balance on a mobile phone or a credit card.

Extend from 3 to 6 Months

Do this using the same form as above at the same office. However, you are almost certain to need an onward flight ticket, proof of funds and you will have to answer any questions from the controller about why you want to stay longer.

The basic cost is the same as before and depends on your nationality however a tax of 10,000LKR is also added. See Schedule B on this page from the official website.

Best Advice

The queues can be long especially during high season. The office officially opens at 8.30am but people normally start to queue from 7.30-8am. It should take two to three hours if you arrive before 8.30am. After this time it can take half a day depending on how busy it is.

Do not forget to take the required photo for the form although there are many places nearby which will provide this service.

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jacques cavill
3 years ago

Is there any visa agents in arugam bay that will do everything for you so I could just stay in Arugam, but pay for some else to go to Colombo and do everything for me like you can do in Bali ? Thanks