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According to Google here are some other common questions asked about Arugam Bay:

Is there an ATM?

Yes, there are two, one on the road in front of the Pacific Hotel and another next to Water Edge Resort. In high season, July to September, they tend to run out of money on the weekend and it is necessary to go to one of the banks in Pottuvil. The tuk tuk drivers will already be queuing next to the ATM for you!

Is there a Bank?

No, the nearest banks are in Pottuvil, 4km away.

Is there an Internet Cafe?

Yes, there is a small local internet cafe opposite the Pacific Hotel. You can also print and photocopy documents here.

Is there a Gym?

No, but the Blue Wave hotel has a small fitness room.

Can I Rent Kitesurfing Equipment?

No, there are no kitesurf rental places in Arugam Bay.

Is there an Airport?

No, the nearest international airport is at Mattala. There are domestic airports at Ampara and Batticaloa.

Is there a Train to Arugam Bay?

No, you need to take the train to either Ella or Batticaloa and then travel by road. See Getting Here for more details.

Is Arugam Bay Safe for Women?

Most attacks on women are by locals known to the victim, occur after dark, on the beach and involve the use of alcohol.

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5 years ago

I have 10 days in Sri Lanka late dec-early January.
I’m doing a few days in Ella then heading south to Tangalle and Mirissa.
Is it worth spending a few days in Arugam bay at this time? Is it ridiculously windy? I’m interested in laying on the beach, swimming and exploring the local area while my partner is an intermediate surfer…
Any advice??

5 years ago
Reply to  John

Thanks for your reply. I have checked both those pages out but wanted to know how windy it got more so than rain. If you have any advice or info that would be wonderful.

5 years ago

Hi there, I need a baggage storage for a few days ( Joining the Pada Yatra pilrimage to Kataragama ). Any ideas? Thanks!

6 years ago

Hi there,

Beautiful website. This is so helpful. I’m a solo traveller looking to make the most of my time in June in Sri Lanka and all people say Arugam has the best weather.

1) What’s the best social place for a non-party person travelling alone?
2) Is WiFI common to find in this region?
3) Do you have any suggestions for other beautiful places to just relax on the East Coast? I’m worried about travelling from end of May-July since most major sights in Sri Lanka seem to be rainy.

Any advice is so helpful. Thank you!


Michelle Loomans
6 years ago

My partner and I are comming to Arugam Bay for 2 weeks and also want to explore Eat coast for surfing can anyone advise if you can hire scooters or Tuk Tuk self drive? Thanks Michelle

Peter Stevenson
6 years ago

is it possible to get a three month visa extension the day after i arrive to save me having to come back to colombo from abay, thanks for all the great information on this site i am returning to abay after 30 years and this site makes it a lot easier!!

Peter Stevenson
6 years ago
Reply to  John

Thanks for speedy reply and information!