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New Facebook Group to Share Safaris

This is a new group to help travellers share safaris in Sri Lanka. The benefits are huge; not only will you save money but also reduce traffic, noise and pollution, helping to preserve the national parks of Sri Lanka. (opens in a new window)

New Safari Share Forum

There is a new safari sharing forum at This is the ideal place to find people to share the cost of a Kumana safari. Follow this link to the new Safari Shares forum (opens in a new window). Also see our Business Directory for a list of safari tour providers.

New Arugam Bay Facebook Group 2017 Season

This is a new group where all Arugam Bay visitors and surfers, old and new, can meet and exchange information or ideas. There are already over 300 members! Ask advice, search for a place to stay, find a job, sell a surf board or share a tuk tuk! Join now […]