Where to Buy Alcohol in Arugam Bay

For a party town it can be surprisingly difficult at times to buy alcohol in Arugam Bay. This is because there are actually very few places that sell it legally with a licence. During the off-season from November to March it can be even harder as for most places it is not worth the risk to sell such a small amount without a licence. During high season more places are willing to take the risk or simply sell it with “special permission” from the local police.

Beer Shop

The beer shop is part of a pub and is located opposite the Siam View hotel on the main road. Don’t be scared by the prison bars and local drunks, they don’t bite! Beer prices vary and people have been known to pay more than a fair price. Between 350 and 400LKR for a large bottle of Lion is reasonable.

This map shows the location of the beer shop.

Wine and Spirits

For something stronger, such as a bottle of wine or Arrack, some of the larger licenced hotels offer a take-away service. Examples of these are the Palm Grove Holiday Inn and the Shell Resort. Both links open in Google Maps.

For more information on where to enjoy a beer see our Nightlife page.

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