Colombo to Arugam Bay by Taxi 2019

Latest Developments

There have been many developments in the taxi situation between Colombo and Arugam Bay already this year. As there are now several luxury bus options available to travellers, the taxi price has fallen as a result.

Taxi Sharing

Also due to the increase on Facebook of groups such as Sri Lanka Taxi Share travellers are now organising their own shared taxis more than ever before. The result is huge savings and even lower prices due to a decrease in the overall number of vans required.


The map above shows the fastest routing which is the same as the bus. It will take about 8 hours by day and 6-7 by night. Detours to Kandy and the Hill Country including Ella will add 1-2 hours on the journey depending on the traffic and time of day.

Colombo to Arugam Bay Taxi Route Map

Latest Costs

It is now possible to book ac minivans for a price as low as 14,000LKR by dealing directly with drivers and avoiding the usual commissions in our Facebook group Sri Lanka Car and Driver Hire. However, expect this price to increase as we move into peak season in Arugam Bay in August.

Sri Lanka Taxi Driver Offers

Another group Sri Lanka Taxi Driver Offers gives taxi drivers the opportunity to advertise empty seats and empty vans going to a pick-up or coming back from a drop-off. It is now normal to find spare taxi seats between Colombo and Arugam Bay for between 2000 and 5000LKR.

Bottom Line

Things are changing in the taxi industry in Sri Lanka. Ever increasing yearly prices have now forced people to look for ways to save money on their transfers. The days of paying inflated taxi prices seem to be moving into the distant past.

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