Updated Colombo to Arugam Bay Bus Times February 2017

There are now 4 buses running between Arugam Bay and Colombo, all travelling through the night and taking about 7 hours. None of these buses have ac. It appears that one of the private buses can be prebooked at busbooking.lk (see the comment below).

Approximate departure times (usually to within 15 minutes):

Leaving Panama / Arugam Bay / Pottuvil to Colombo

  • Panama 6:30pm, Arugam Bay 6:40pm, Pottuvil 7pm (private bus that can be prebooked).
  • Panama 8:15pm, Arugam Bay 8:25pm, Pottuvil 8:45pm (government bus).
  • Pottuvil 9:00pm (government bus).
  • Pottuvil 9:30pm (government bus).

Leaving Colombo to Pottuvil / Arugam Bay / Panama

  • Colombo 7pm, 9pm and 9:30pm (government buses from central bus stand, stop in Pottuvil).
  • Colombo 10:15pm (private bus from the private bus stand that can be prebooked, stops in Pottuvil, Arugam Bay and Panama).

For other general information on this route see the page Colombo to Arugam Bay Bus.


  1. Evgeny Suslikov

    I appreciate the help of this website in my journey to Arugam. I found the info about the opportunity to book a ticket to the private bus and decided to test it. Here’s my story.

    Booking is easy. However, it comes more expensive, if you pay online (my price from Colombo to Arugam was 620 + 100 Rp, but when I selected PayPal, it became $7.20, which is about 1000 Rp.). Not a big price for the plane travelers, however 😉

    Instructions provided upon purchase are clear enough, contained the bus number and the address of the pickup point. The only problem was to find the 4th terminal. In fact, it’s the fourth line away from the main road. If you look from Google Maps, you’ll get the idea.

    If you arrive 2-3 hours before the departure, don not try to find this bus – you will not find it. In my case it arrived to the terminal at 9:20 PM and departed at 10:30.

    Music is loud enough, but if you take earplugs, it’s not a big problem – I recommend it.

    The bus arrived directly to Arugam approx at 5:50 AM, so I saved 200Rp for the tuk-tuk.

    Hope this info helps.

    1. Admin

      Hi Evgeny,

      Thanks for your positive comments and for sharing your experience. It is good to know the site is genuine. The extra cost is probably worth the piece of mind for most travellers. Also I agree about taking ear plugs!

  2. Markus

    from which Bus Stand in Colombo leaves the Privat Bus? Is it the Bastian Mawatha Bus Station?
    Thanks for your help!

    1. Admin

      Hi Markus, correct, Bastian Mawatha is where private buses leave from.

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